Long Hair Rocks® since 1985 Cuts & Color 1(626)795-1272 “Loving your Long Hair”

Grow Your Hair Longer while maintaining the  Hairstyle of your choice. No Extensions No Glue or hairspray is necessary to hold shape. Hair frames your face naturally with 360 degrees of layering –


Every day style with ease as the style is in the cut -its easy to poof up or wear straight, even to change your look in seconds.

Your hair will grow and grow even with color!

LONG HAIR ROCKS(R) since 1985 precision hair-cutting system is geometrically engineered creating a natural energizing effect-  All hair-cutting lines connect, ebb, and flow, moving back into your personally chosen  individual cutting pattern  giving you layers and keeping maximum length fullness  no holes or gaps perfect for very straight or curly hair  want volume no problem. Thin hair looks thicker blending face framing perimeter layers from bangs to ends keeping maximum weight for fuller looking hair.  Thick hair take weight and volume out while maintaining length for manageable good looking hair.

Short hair clients love the cutting technique too and are a work of art lasting & growing into longer hair gracefully much longer than other techniques provide. Records are kept containing your lengths from each visit charting  growth and style changes. Your the boss, Your choices my technique pictures are welcome descriptive tools help. Haircuts are recommended every 2 to 3 months for growing healthy hair the ends need more care at this stage to stay blunted to prevent split ends/ A split end can peel upward  till it breaks leaving the hair strand thinner & exposed giving it a frayed look. growing healthy long hair takes regular maintenance cutting off only what is splitting usually hair grows 1/2 inch a month  cuts should be just above the split keeping the hair strands healthy Using specially designed scizzors for an Anvil clean cut presing blades over and under hair sealing edges. With each visit longer hair is visible my clients say “cut it Longer” and i do, and before you know it you have long hair. Once you have achieved your hair growth goals you will be a  maintenance client if you have longer layers you will then cut what you grow each visit


healthy hair.

Author: Phylies Fohster Original Owner of Long Hair Rocks® since 1985