Long Hair Rocks® since 1985 Long Hair Specialist Phylies Fohster is the Original Owner


Long Hair Rocks® since 1985 Long Hair Specialist

Phylies Fohster is the Original Owner 1 (626)795-1272

Quality Salon Services offered  Any style you like is cut with mastership so call Phylies today to schedule your appointment.  The style is in the cut just WAKE SHAKE N’ GO for easy to style Haircuts.

The Long Hair Rocks difference is geometrically balanced using The golden ratio spiral getting gradually wider at each curve. With each pie shaped pull pattern the hair is drawn up  for  cutting the angled Arc(extended angles For longer hair) at each curve extending lengths for extra fullness within the circumference of the head.  

Each transition connects to the next for continual flow allowing the hair to return continually to the natural  pattern by designated placement that was created for each person with their preferences in mind                                                                          

The shape is built into the cut so you don’t have to fuss or force your hair to preform looks good naturally saving you time and giving you confidence  (measurements vary and are personally unique to each person per your individual growth pattern similar to the fingerprint.

NOTES and Record cards are digitized to record  individual preferences, adjustments,growth log measurements etc.,)

Anti-gravity cut is also a Trademark name of Long Hair Rocks referring to 80’s style cutting for extreme short top to longest, Biggest, fullest hair obtainable for maximum height, Weight, Fullness.  

Catering to your every need and wish for your Long and growing hair.  Layered or one length with professional help you will find it easy to Grow your Hair,     Choose your haircut Mods- lengths of layers.  Choose directions of natural flow for best results – side part – middle part – or no part.  Shaping perimeters bottom edges -straight,  Rounded U shaped, or V Shape,etc.,